16 de dez. de 2009

O chefe de policia.

Ontem a Gi e Henrique divulgou na comunidade o suposto twitter do chefe de policia que está investigando o caso de Michael Jackson

Data: 21/06
Catching up. Was busy with to get caught up with T.
Catching up. Estava ocupado com FB .... tenho que apanhados com T.

Data: 26/06
Wow, what a day. It was a real challenge to make things happen, be one step ahead and handle an information avalanche.
Uau, que dia. Foi um verdadeiro desafio para fazer as coisas acontecerem, será um passo à frente e lidar com uma avalanche de informações.

Data: 27/06
Whew...a 4 to 6 week respite, and then the frenzy begins anew. Answers will come to those who wait.
Caramba ... uma pausa 4 a 6 semanas, e então a agitação começa novamente. Respostas virão para aqueles que esperam.

Data: 06/10
I'm beginning to believe what the Hell's Angel's used to say..."3 can keep a secret if 2 are dead".
Eu estou começando a acreditar que o Hell's Angel costumava dizer ... "3
pode manter um segredo se 2 são mortos "....

Data: 13/12
Jesse Ventura: Conspiracy Theory - the 9/11 Investigation - The last few minutes were shocking. And frightening to consider.
Jesse Ventura: Teoria da Conspiração - o inquérito de 9 / 11 - Os últimos minutos foram chocantes. E assustadora a considerar.

A Taaty conto isso para os membros da comunidade...

Achei interessante....
Pessoa de interesse: Craig Harvey
Quem é Craig Harvey?
Ele é "Chef juiz investigador" Quem tem estado a trabalhar na investigação de Michael Jackson.
Craig Harvey é um ator

A Candy colocou essas informações:

facebook do craig:
ele postou umas coisas interessantes..
june 25 11:41 pm : "Don't even ask how my day went. Lets' just say it was a Thriller...."
june 27 11:07 pm : "Back to some semblance of normalcy. Taking the dogs to the Vet to get their shots so they can get their licenses renewed. No scofflaws here."
july 9 10:36 pm : "I thought one of the requirements of being a journalist was getting the facts right, printing the truth, and telling the story. Boy was I mistaken. If you relay BS to me and I tell you the truth and you print BS anyway, it is no longer my job to dig you"
july 17 9:49 am : "Yes, Friday....another day of saying "No, not yet"..."Maybe in two weeks"...."We told you 4 to 6 weeks in the first place, do you not own a pen or playback video?"..."No, I don't think appearing on your show is a good idea...for anyone, let alone me" "I c"
july 23 9:07 am : "Steve Goldstein made the Daily Show last night in a comedic, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic sort of way segment on the MJ coverage. I liked Jon Stewarts' response to all the talk about missing body parts."
july 27 9:30 am : "Now begins the slog through waist-high bovine off-put and the collision between truth and control just because you can, or is it because we let them?"
july 31 11:46 pm : "I'm sorry. It wasn't my idea. I wanted it to be over too. In the final analysis, I look at this as chapters 15 through 25 of the book. I am looking forward to a quiet weekend."
sept 4 6:35 pm : "Shame on the Associated Press."
sept 26 11:22 am : "First a a Prince...will it never stop???" (talvez falando do michael e do patrick swayze)
nov 7 4:33 pm : "In the democracy of the dead all men at last are equal. There is neither rank nor station nor prerogative in the republic of the grave. John James Ingalls Except at Forest Lawn...."
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